Saturday, January 8, 2011

RIP Kodachrome

Rabari Magician, Steve McCurry

I'm feeling a melancholy for our generation.
I came into the adult world with a passion for photography, a want and a wonder for the era of film. Time has eroded more and more of that aesthetic away. Photographers have grown with film processes, making them their own. The digital age is so much more of a competition through the mediocre, so much more accessible. Where is the mystique?
Another mammoth of past mystique has passed. First Polaroid and now Kodachrome. Kodak has stopped the production of the iconic film and now the last roll has been processed, marking the cease of commercial processing worldwide.
Steve McCurry was handed the last roll. Read about it on his blog.

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j o d i e said...

McCurry is amazing. I feel you on the Kodachrome thing, though my attachment is less the Kodachrome itself, and more the idea that one person could build the camera and prep the plates and expose the photo and do the dark room work and KNOW the art as a CRAFT. It's the same in so many fields. There's a stability and a satisfaction in the craft that is lost now. You just have to be one of the ones helping keep it alive. :) Don't forget, lest the world forgets. :)

These times, they are a changing.

Love you V. Love your posts.