Saturday, November 27, 2010

SOHO Photo Gallery Alternative Process Show

Tom Harris

Tom Harris
Tom was a professor of mine at AIS. I'm so grateful to see some more of his personal work.
His personal workshops were coveted in school and I never had the pleasure.
Congratulations! The show is gorgeous. And these images really called to me.
Hopefully one day we will all get to see his shots of Scotland :)

Below are more images from the show that I particularly loved.

"St. Petersburg"
Jeff Smith
The intricacy of this shadow-box framed image was entrancing.
It was one image layered for a 3D effect.

"Night Blooming Cereus #64"
Jennifer Spencer

"Spotted Flux"
May Perkins Benton

May Perkins Benton

"Untitled #2"
Roxanne Guez

"Untitled #1"
Roxanne Guez

"Alfred and Veronica"
Loli Kantor

"Blue Tree"
Marky Kauffmann

This bleached, toned, hand-colored print was the winner of the competition.
If you are in NYC in November check it out...definitely worth the time.
Okie dokie, time to sleep.

It's the little things...RATP ROCK

"there's a ton of the twist
but we're fresh out of shout
like a death in the hall
that you hear through your wall
new york, i love you but you're freaking me out."
©2006 James Murphy
Paris metro moments of delight.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Eve in NYC

The sunrise as I first saw it this morning. Made my heart sing.
I only ventured outside once today to pay homage to the images showing at the SOHO photo gallery where my professor and friend Tom Harris has work exhibited in the Alternative Process show. Those images are coming up next. Here are a couple shots from the sidewalk.

Literally from the sidewalk, this drip painted portrait is phenomenal.
I did a little google search and actually, he's kinda a big deal.
Paul Richard's Gibbous Moon 2009, attracted
a lot of attention being the first piece to sell
in the Acria Annual Charity Auction. It was
valued at $5,500 and sold immediately with
"Buy Now" option. Other popular pieces were
a lithograph by Jeff Koons
and a Central Park photograph by Nan Goldin.
Tom Modern, author, who attended the event said of
Richard's piece " I remember when he
was selling those for $35."

December 9, 2009

And get this...Gerard Butler just bought Paul Richard's "Kai and Marcel" portrait for his new Chelsea NYC loft featured in Arch, Chelsea is where I'm staying...I love the deep-colored textured walls. Gerard, where are you my love?

Bravo Paul Richard, wherever you are.
Hope you participated in a good walk today too.

Lizard Lounge and The Bottle Shop

My last week in Paris I was finishing up a shoot with Lizard Lounge in the Marais for the Eurostar Magazine. Don't you just love that wall? The Lizard Lounge is part of the Cheap Blonde bar brotherhood. The other brothers are Stolly's and The Bottle Shop. The magazine doesn't come out until December but I couldn't wait to share two great establishments. The Lizard Lounge's atmosphere is killer with a dark wood interior and a local bar feel. And The Bottle Shop presented me with a moan-worthy lunch of an open-faced sandwich of chicken and fresh avocado with a salad and grilled potatoe halves...I will dream about it for months. If you are anywhere near it, you better be finding yourself there. For your own good.


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

It's the little things...weird

Graffiti of the Milan variety

214 Magazine

Topshop. A stellar little magazine. Photography, design, layout even the paper selection is killer. Can't take my eyes off it. Of course the clothes are drool-worthy too but that goes without saying. The first time I stepped foot in a Topshop store was in Ireland and the only thing that would have made the clothes better is if they were in my closet. Just saying.
Anyway, the editorial is a gimme gimme.

(As always, you can click on the images to see them bigger :)
Photos: Boo George. Stylist: Caroline Newell.

At the back there is an article about how music selection is becoming a powerhouse of big fashion shows. We all know the power a good playlist can have depending on your mood.
Mine is Ingrid Michealson-You and I played over and over... with a sprinkling of Lykki Li-Little Bit, A Fine Frenzy-Hope for the Hopeless, She and Him-Sentimental Heart, Johnny Cash-I've Been Everywhere, Emily Loizeau-Je Suis Jalouse, Innocence Mission-Moon River and Chairlift-Bruises.
"What can you do with a sentimental heart?"
kiss kiss big hug little hug big kiss hug

A Fine Frenzy

A Fine Frenzy -Hope for the Hopeless

Elin of Iceland

Leave it to the cosmos to top my European adventure with a Icelandic beauty who just happened to be at my gate.
Someday list: Iceland.

The view from where I sit but better...

I'm sitting in my friend's sweet Manhattan apartment thinking "How am I ever going to afford this?" But talking with friends, sorting through the images from the last week and watching Remie chase the prisms on the walls, I'm so lucky just as life sits. I'll work on it and enjoy the little things along the way. Like images from Italy and ramblings of Iceland. Both coming to you from New York. Stay Tuned.

And some Ingrid Michealson to put a smile on your face.

Do something for yourself today.

Saturday, November 6, 2010


I wish I shot this. But alas this is Camilla Akrans.
Beautiful. Simple. Peaceful.
Feels so good right now.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

It's the little things...Dinosaurs

A friend of mine sent me a message that they couldn't meet up because their mom fell out of a tree and was run over by a dinosaur...I showed those dinosaurs who's boss :)
Happy Thursday!

Portrait of a French Boy

He tried to sell me Legos, I paid him for a picture instead :)
Bisous from Paris.