Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Eve in NYC

The sunrise as I first saw it this morning. Made my heart sing.
I only ventured outside once today to pay homage to the images showing at the SOHO photo gallery where my professor and friend Tom Harris has work exhibited in the Alternative Process show. Those images are coming up next. Here are a couple shots from the sidewalk.

Literally from the sidewalk, this drip painted portrait is phenomenal.
I did a little google search and actually, he's kinda a big deal.
Paul Richard's Gibbous Moon 2009, attracted
a lot of attention being the first piece to sell
in the Acria Annual Charity Auction. It was
valued at $5,500 and sold immediately with
"Buy Now" option. Other popular pieces were
a lithograph by Jeff Koons
and a Central Park photograph by Nan Goldin.
Tom Modern, author, who attended the event said of
Richard's piece " I remember when he
was selling those for $35."

December 9, 2009

And get this...Gerard Butler just bought Paul Richard's "Kai and Marcel" portrait for his new Chelsea NYC loft featured in Arch, Chelsea is where I'm staying...I love the deep-colored textured walls. Gerard, where are you my love?

Bravo Paul Richard, wherever you are.
Hope you participated in a good walk today too.

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laura said...

fire escapes-- very cool! i love how you can just walk around and take amazing pictures... what talent you have! i also love the drip painting! i guess i'm more used to seeing that art form in a piece like jackson pollock... i personally like richard's stuff more!