Saturday, November 27, 2010

SOHO Photo Gallery Alternative Process Show

Tom Harris

Tom Harris
Tom was a professor of mine at AIS. I'm so grateful to see some more of his personal work.
His personal workshops were coveted in school and I never had the pleasure.
Congratulations! The show is gorgeous. And these images really called to me.
Hopefully one day we will all get to see his shots of Scotland :)

Below are more images from the show that I particularly loved.

"St. Petersburg"
Jeff Smith
The intricacy of this shadow-box framed image was entrancing.
It was one image layered for a 3D effect.

"Night Blooming Cereus #64"
Jennifer Spencer

"Spotted Flux"
May Perkins Benton

May Perkins Benton

"Untitled #2"
Roxanne Guez

"Untitled #1"
Roxanne Guez

"Alfred and Veronica"
Loli Kantor

"Blue Tree"
Marky Kauffmann

This bleached, toned, hand-colored print was the winner of the competition.
If you are in NYC in November check it out...definitely worth the time.
Okie dokie, time to sleep.

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