Thursday, April 29, 2010


Sarah and Grandpa

So I took a wee trip to Kansas City with my grandpa for a high school luncheon of the North Kansas City Class of '47. To watch him talk of his glory days as the prince of North Kansas City adds quite a glow to his rosy red santa cheeks. My great grandfather was Mayor Lee Roberts of NKC and my grandpa was a strapping young lad then. Good looking and having too much fun. My grandfather and grandmother lived a block away from each other all their childhood, when they graduated high school they still had never dated. I asked my gpa why this was and he said it was because my gma was, "too high above him. Always...going steady." And he "had a different girl every night." What a player.
We had a fantastic time! Lunch at First Watch, then drinks a Chappell's (if you are ever in KC, check it out! Amazing collection of sports memorabilia!) then my ole friend Sarah met up with us and we mosied over to Kelso's and after a nap on my end while gpa watched the airplanes at the airport we went to The Flea Market. Make sure to snag a burger there too while you're in town. Beware that link, it's not for the faint of heart. I had the volume up way too loud when I opened it.
My profile pic at the moment was shot by Sarah while we were at Kelso's. She's so multi-talented, as you can see she's in her nurse's scrub in the photo above!

Sunday, April 25, 2010


In March I wrote a post called "I've lost my muchness" where I listed 6 things I wish to accomplish that seem rather steep right now. The 6th was to make every land my Wonderland. I'd like to think I've began to see my life again through the looking glass, my front yard at least is looking more and more like Wonderland. I can't seem to make it through breakfast without taking a walk through to see the progression of each bloom, inhaling the deep fragrance of earth meets green. When my grandmother was alive I felt like I lived in the suburbia version of the secret garden but its been in the neglected stage of that story since she's passed...these stormy days recently have made me feel the magic of my backyard again.

In loving memory of Jo Roberts

The Johnsons

Ron + Samantha = A good time in Forest Park.

Ellensburg, WA

I've been meaning to post some images from my shoot in Ellensburg. The images above are the flip stopper in my portfolio right now. Although it is a fashion series, they always prompt the question..."Do you ever shoot weddings or engagement photos?"
Why yes, I do. At one time, I always said that it wasn't my thing but if anyone looked at my work they could tell I am hopelessly romantic so it is right up my alley. I've finally embraced it.

Models: Ilia FORD MODELS (He's really more of a rocker than I portrayed him. Cool kat, love him to death!) and Shelby
Assistants: Genevieve Pierson, Laurie Pearman and David Putman
MUA: Hildy

My liaison was Doug MacArthur, a true modern cowboy. What an amazing human. A photographer himself, he took me and my friend, Evan on a five hour romp through the Washington countryside, checking out old falling apart homesteads and outhouses and chatting at a local diner. We shot this series on his property. I hope some day I can have another cup of coffee with him.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Classy Ladies

Classy lady number one: Heather. We played with some tulle and randoms in my house and some beautiful natural foliage, later visiting a local cemetery. Just for fun. What could be better. Here's one, more to come.

Classy lady number two: The lady of my inspiration notebook. My kindred Laurie gave this to me ages ago and I use it to jot ideas and things but today the package is my inspiration. The inside cover has a killer quote.

Be regular and orderly in your life,
so that you may be
violent and original in your work.
~Gustave Flaubert

Laughing Elephant is the thang for cool stationary, cards, journals and many other visually neato things!

Adam just sent me this site and I had to pass it on.
This was the one that had me smiling off the bat. Sticky note covered mannequins at a local pool to remind patrons of the dangers of the sun.

Advertising Agency: Euro RSCG, Zurich, Switzerland
Creative Director: Axel Eckstein
Art Director: Rob Hartmann
Copywriter: Wolfgang Bark
Graphic Design: Roswitha BrĂ¼lisauer
Published: Summer 2009

So just a reminder from the Swiss Cancer Foundation:

Our skin never forgets
Three sunbathing tips:
1. Apply sunscreen 30 minutes before
2. High sun protection factor
3. Avoid midday sun

So with Gustave Flaubert in mind. I must clean the chaos and organize all these pieces I have to have but haven't the first clue where they will go.

Music to clean to: Lovestoned/I Think That She Knows..Justin Timberlake (or Timbaland/Lady Gaga on Pandora...I always clean better when I dance.)
Kiss kiss hug kiss little kiss hug BIG HUG linger... okay another hug little kiss

Monday, April 19, 2010


Nothing could be better than a jaunt through the country
on a beautiful, sunny Sunday.
I shot The Kings yesterday. Jalyn and Travis have a fantastic little family. Their son, Carson, is ADORABLE!
And they have two great dogs, Tiger and Bandit, and a new house.
Here's a sneak peak at darling Carson hanging with the tractor, his favorite thing.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Shop Vac Sunday

My grandpa has a hard time standing too long these days therefore a shop vac is a permanent fixture in our kitchen.
He doesn't sweep. He vacs.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Friendship is the best medicine...

Work hit me hard recently and I had a late night venting session with my friend Adam (he pocket called me and claimed his phone must have known I needed to talk). I had just left blockbusters parking lot because they closed at 10 and headed to Walmart across the street. I must admit I avoid Walmart at all costs but the 24 hours thing is really convenient when you are in the sort of mood that can only be comforted by a gift to yourself. In this case, along with the ice cream I had already bought at a gas station on the drive home, I needed Sherlock Holmes, as if nothing in the world could satisfy me more at that moment. I continuously circled the movie aisles relating the minute details of every irritating particle of work sand that was grinding my bones to make their bread along with some supporting information from long ago ridiculousness to add some flavor. Adam is a very good listener and a fantastic friend. When I had finally related everything and felt even more exhausted, I headed to the checkout with the movie under my arm and realized I didn't really need this movie. I'm saving for Paris, I have to be again at work for my third double in a row not long from then and I feel much I put it down and walked out.

The next night as I dragged myself in after another long double I saw a plastic-wrapped bouquet of roses laying on the table, I thought "hmm, those are pretty" and crashed into my bed like the dead.
When I awoke the next morning Karla brought them into my room with a smile.
"I know, I saw those last night. They are very pretty." Not thinking they could possibly be for me.
"They are from Adam." she said in her slow, quiet voice.
She said, "Because you are my special girl."
"My friend Adam? With red hair?"
She just nods her head with her precious smile.
I smiled and had Karla help me get a vase and some water. I'm pulling the plastic off and she says, "There's a card."
And so there was....
Sorry your job sucks.
Hope these cheer you up some.


I put them on my table across from my bed.

Thanks again Adam. My favorite color.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Its a small world after all...

I just have to write a little something about the possibility of possibilities. Here I am catching up on some of my favorite blogs and The Little House in the City posts about Color Me Katie and it just makes me smile. Because we really do have the possibility to connect with like-minds so much more these days than before. We can spread our wings further and touch more. I've already posted a bit about the feeling of possibility I had in Seattle, it was like no one was beyond my reach, I could do anything I wanted and achieve anything I put my mind too. I believe myself to be a hard worker, I love what I do and I put my entire being into it when I'm doing it..yet, the Saint Louis scene seemed limited and had put a damper on my wings as if I couldn't fly where I wanted.

Sure I can. It's there. If you are thinking the same, you just aren't looking in the right places. Do things you love and you'll find others that love that too and the opportunities abound.

I'll leave this post with a series I snagged in my cyber travels shot by Alexei Hay for Elle.