Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Its a small world after all...

I just have to write a little something about the possibility of possibilities. Here I am catching up on some of my favorite blogs and The Little House in the City posts about Color Me Katie and it just makes me smile. Because we really do have the possibility to connect with like-minds so much more these days than before. We can spread our wings further and touch more. I've already posted a bit about the feeling of possibility I had in Seattle, it was like no one was beyond my reach, I could do anything I wanted and achieve anything I put my mind too. I believe myself to be a hard worker, I love what I do and I put my entire being into it when I'm doing it..yet, the Saint Louis scene seemed limited and had put a damper on my wings as if I couldn't fly where I wanted.

Sure I can. It's there. If you are thinking the same, you just aren't looking in the right places. Do things you love and you'll find others that love that too and the opportunities abound.

I'll leave this post with a series I snagged in my cyber travels shot by Alexei Hay for Elle.


Liz said...

blah, my wings have been feeling clipped lately. but your thoughts are inspiring, as you usually are. i love those images, they're amazing! i just went through an old box from seattle and found a couple of lula magazines i bought. have you been able to find it lately? i don't think i've seen one in awhile... but it could be my location.

Anonymous said...

sounding so positive and upbeat again lately! i have the day off and am determined to make it awesome... though i'm already annoyed i have to do taxes instead of yoga... boo!

miss you!