Thursday, April 29, 2010


Sarah and Grandpa

So I took a wee trip to Kansas City with my grandpa for a high school luncheon of the North Kansas City Class of '47. To watch him talk of his glory days as the prince of North Kansas City adds quite a glow to his rosy red santa cheeks. My great grandfather was Mayor Lee Roberts of NKC and my grandpa was a strapping young lad then. Good looking and having too much fun. My grandfather and grandmother lived a block away from each other all their childhood, when they graduated high school they still had never dated. I asked my gpa why this was and he said it was because my gma was, "too high above him. Always...going steady." And he "had a different girl every night." What a player.
We had a fantastic time! Lunch at First Watch, then drinks a Chappell's (if you are ever in KC, check it out! Amazing collection of sports memorabilia!) then my ole friend Sarah met up with us and we mosied over to Kelso's and after a nap on my end while gpa watched the airplanes at the airport we went to The Flea Market. Make sure to snag a burger there too while you're in town. Beware that link, it's not for the faint of heart. I had the volume up way too loud when I opened it.
My profile pic at the moment was shot by Sarah while we were at Kelso's. She's so multi-talented, as you can see she's in her nurse's scrub in the photo above!

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