Saturday, April 17, 2010

Friendship is the best medicine...

Work hit me hard recently and I had a late night venting session with my friend Adam (he pocket called me and claimed his phone must have known I needed to talk). I had just left blockbusters parking lot because they closed at 10 and headed to Walmart across the street. I must admit I avoid Walmart at all costs but the 24 hours thing is really convenient when you are in the sort of mood that can only be comforted by a gift to yourself. In this case, along with the ice cream I had already bought at a gas station on the drive home, I needed Sherlock Holmes, as if nothing in the world could satisfy me more at that moment. I continuously circled the movie aisles relating the minute details of every irritating particle of work sand that was grinding my bones to make their bread along with some supporting information from long ago ridiculousness to add some flavor. Adam is a very good listener and a fantastic friend. When I had finally related everything and felt even more exhausted, I headed to the checkout with the movie under my arm and realized I didn't really need this movie. I'm saving for Paris, I have to be again at work for my third double in a row not long from then and I feel much I put it down and walked out.

The next night as I dragged myself in after another long double I saw a plastic-wrapped bouquet of roses laying on the table, I thought "hmm, those are pretty" and crashed into my bed like the dead.
When I awoke the next morning Karla brought them into my room with a smile.
"I know, I saw those last night. They are very pretty." Not thinking they could possibly be for me.
"They are from Adam." she said in her slow, quiet voice.
She said, "Because you are my special girl."
"My friend Adam? With red hair?"
She just nods her head with her precious smile.
I smiled and had Karla help me get a vase and some water. I'm pulling the plastic off and she says, "There's a card."
And so there was....
Sorry your job sucks.
Hope these cheer you up some.


I put them on my table across from my bed.

Thanks again Adam. My favorite color.

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idrawrobots said...

You're very welcome Vanessa.