Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sseko Designs

The oh so talented and big-hearted Liz Bohannon has a vision! And it's fashionable. Sseko Designs are fantastic sandals with changeable fabric straps. The best part is she's using her popular product to better the world. Meet her talented manufacturers...

Edina, Betty, Topesta, Teddy, Robinah, Mercy and Harriet
All photos copyright Sseko Designs
These lovely ladies are living in Uganda and working towards their educations. Look at what can be done with just one helping hand! I wish Sseko Designs and Liz all the best and a happy congratulations to her happy life with dear Ben.


CarlyErin O'Neil said...

Did you shoot the women? The photos are so lovely! And what a GREAT idea!

Vanessa Rudloff said...

Oh, no I didn't shoot the women. I'll rectify that. But it is fantastic, isn't it.