Wednesday, April 7, 2010

So continuing with bookstores and weaknesses...

My mama and I went thrifting and used bookstore shopping nearly everyday that I was in Oklahoma. I have to say I was taken back by the lack of variety at your local Midwest City used bookstores. Apparently their demographic is lonely housewives and adventure deprived men. The couple stores we checked out were almost every trashy romance novel published and the other half of the store was true crime/mystery with a spattering of sci-fy and arts and crafts. And what is a christian romance anyway? A book of holding hands and chaste kisses? There were shelves upon shelves dedicated to the genre.
I was disappointed that not one used bookstore could satisfy my taste...there wasn't one Tom Robbins or Neil Gaiman book. Not one. Surprises me to no end. I finally found a Gaiman book for 50 cents at the goodwill. I was also looking for Orson Scott Card's Enders Game and Elizabeth Young's Asking for Trouble (my romantic guilty pleasure) yet neither were to be found.

I found plenty of others I wasn't looking for though.
Water For Elephants is a fantastic read. I actually bought two copies to leave one in Oklahoma for Sam and Mom. I bought The Legacy of Luna at a mystic shop...I couldn't pass it up while in love with my dear niece Luna and still in an enchanted daze from my trip through the redwoods this past summer. They are the most hypnotizing things I've ever seen. This book is about one activist life up in a redwood for two years to prevent their deforestation. A remarkable story.
Check them out or find another book calling to you at your local used bookstore.
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Anonymous said...

I've always wanted to read Water for Elephants! Maybe I can borrow that when I'm done with your other book ;) We should plan a "bookstore" day soon!

Heather O.