Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ellensburg, WA

I've been meaning to post some images from my shoot in Ellensburg. The images above are the flip stopper in my portfolio right now. Although it is a fashion series, they always prompt the question..."Do you ever shoot weddings or engagement photos?"
Why yes, I do. At one time, I always said that it wasn't my thing but if anyone looked at my work they could tell I am hopelessly romantic so it is right up my alley. I've finally embraced it.

Models: Ilia FORD MODELS (He's really more of a rocker than I portrayed him. Cool kat, love him to death!) and Shelby
Assistants: Genevieve Pierson, Laurie Pearman and David Putman
MUA: Hildy

My liaison was Doug MacArthur, a true modern cowboy. What an amazing human. A photographer himself, he took me and my friend, Evan on a five hour romp through the Washington countryside, checking out old falling apart homesteads and outhouses and chatting at a local diner. We shot this series on his property. I hope some day I can have another cup of coffee with him.


Liz said...

So lovely, my friend. And you are hopelessly romantic, it's just one of your many great qualities.

Anonymous said...

mmmhmm! love these! especially the ones with blossoms. i'm not forgetting your promise to shoot some of cody and i down the line... !!!