Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Italy by the moon

I'm aware that I never put up Italy photos.
I'm in the process of rectifying that.
This was the most beautiful memory, the smell after a heavy rain.
The sound of the rain wetting the smooth cobblestones.
Everywhere is more beautiful after it rains and Florence was no different.
Without that blessing, I never would have gotten this shot of the church reflected in the puddles.
Love love love.


Anonymous said...

I love it! What beautiful architecture! What a wonderful experience you must have had.
Wish we were geographically closer so we could meet up and chat. Hopefully I'll see you at Aunt J's (gramma to you ;)birthday party.
Love ya

Anonymous said...

vanessa...just thought id let you know i love these. :)
love, missy (brians sister... because thats all i am to bart hehe)