Thursday, February 17, 2011

Nightstand Rescue!

Not even out of the neighborhood for our adventure and I had to knab this nightstand from someone's dumpster pickup. If just for the knobs, this had to be done! Of course we don't have a place for it and it's purdy dinged. Yet, I sat out on the patio to write about my last post with coffee in hand and I thought, "I need something to set my coffee on". Lightbulb: Nightstand, just right. Then it's only natural that I want to take pictures of it, so I have to go find pretty little things to photograph it with. It's like that kid's book If You Give A Mouse A Cookie. If you give Vanessa some old junk, she must put a knick knack on it. If she put a knick knack on it, she will need some color. If you give her some color, she will always need a pretty rock.

I definitely get my dumpster-diving, rock collecting, odds and ends layering from my mom.
I can't take credit for the great stuff. The killer reindeer bell she found at Goodwill, the foliage and rocks she's gathered and this magnificent vase montage is all her. The vase is half-full of bird seed then pine cones to hold the berries in. I'm in love with it.
If you love it too, you will likely drool over the site Lost and Found I came across recently through Randi Brookman Harris' blog.
Ok, drool away.

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