Thursday, May 20, 2010

Get out and try something new!

I find that inspiration for blogging pokes me in the side every five minutes because that is about how often I think of posting a link or a pic to a friend across the country. I can't keep up with all the things I want to share with them.
Long distance relationships are SO not ideal :)

Anyway, something new....
These caught my eye because there is one in SEATTLE, Skillet a little food to fill your tummy. This looks like a Laurie Pearman photo to me.

PORTLAND, Tin Cantina a portable bar...I LOVE THIS PHOTO....put a little color shift to anything and I guess I love it...this reminds me of the redwoods...miss them.

KANSAS CITY, Fresher Than Fresh Sno Cones 100% natural

and SANTA BARBARA, Enjoy Cupcakes. What could be better than cupcakes out of a Shasta trailer?

(Now if I could locate one in Louisiana, Ohio and Idaho all my friends would be covered.)

It was Green Wedding Shoes again that enlightened me. Check out the link for fantastic photos of the delicious products. Love, love, love the vintage looks and the weddings, go figure. Well friends, hope you get out and enjoy something new today and I miss you all terribly.

BIG KISS little kiss BIG HUG little hug little kiss little hug


Liz said...

OMG these are awesome! i've been following green wedding shoes but i haven't checked it in awhile. i especially love that cupcake one :)

Vanessa Rudloff said...

Of course you do :)