Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Johnsons Wedding

I am so lucky that Samantha persistently asked me to shoot this gorgeous wedding. She broke me of my knee jerk reaction to decline. I never wanted to shoot weddings. I used to say it's like making the movie of a book your audience has memorized, it will never be what they expected. However, sometimes it can be what you never expected and love anew. I had a fantastic time and they are so easy to photograph. Just look at those smiles! So happy!



Anonymous said...

i won't make you shoot my wedding. you will be participating. but i am making you shoot engagement pictures... otherwise cody says we can't have any! he hates the cheesy stuff most photogs churn out. we love you... AND I LOVE THE LITTLE "RING BEAR" AAHHH!!! SO CUTE!!

Anonymous said...

beautiful photos!! had an amazing time.
one of the bridesmaids...chellie