Thursday, May 20, 2010

Please join me...

This is where I am right my head at least. Check out the other magnificent sets from the Green Wedding Shoes blog...again...I feel like my blog should be called off-green wedding shoes...promise there is actual V photography in the near future.

little kiss


Liz said...

before i checked out green wedding shoes i instantly said "alice!" when i saw this picture and i wanted to be there at that table in a whole other time. maybe because i've been reading that book... which you should totally check out. i'm almost finished with it now. anyway, the other tables on green wedding shoes were amazing, i can't even explain how they made me feel :)

Anonymous said...

tea please! and pass the sugar. i don't remember the yellow room in darjeeling... cody loves everything wes anderson so i'm sure he wouldn't mind if we watched it again!

ouch... my "word verification" for this post is chemo. i don't like that one bit.

loves you!