Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Beauty and the Books

"Vanessa, you are constipated.
You need to rid your bowels of that book. Then everything will flow free.
You'll be all good."

-My mom, one of the wisest people I know...and most ridiculous

Last May...over a year ago now, I had a show in LA. My first big solo show. Beauty and the Books, a nude series I shot in Arundel Bookstore in Seattle. It was quite an experience. The evidence is in the form of a book, a gold-embossed, fabric-covered box containing the images from the show and the accompanying poetry of Rex Wilder. Rex is a fantastically talented poet from LA. The collaboration was put together by Phil Bevis. Phil published the book. And due to my underestimation of the books success, I didn't print enough images to currently own a book of my own. Now I'm leaving in August for Paris and I want a copy to have in hand.
Who knew that so many would buy a $500 book?

I'm flying out to Seattle mid August and just hope that when I board the plane to Europe the book will be on board and this project will be at rest.

XOXO to Kelsi, Megan and Yulia my spectacular models and Dawn Tunnell the MUA with the muchness

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