Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Looky looky who named the Nook-y

So while stalking Rex for a minute I came across this article. He has been credited with the naming of the Barnes and Noble eReader, the Nook! As he says, "the Kindle-killer" though he claims it has more humility than that. Congrats Rex!
To refresh memories, Rex Wilder is the talented poet that I collaborated with for the Beauty and the Books show. And I feel that words, not pictures are needed for this post. One of my favorites from our book.

Moods Descending a Staircase

Moods are infants, wary

And unwary. Lofty moods

Miniaturize worry.

Moods overdo it. All’s well

With no mood. The finest

Moods are not made

From clay but forged

From the sands of time

Into glass, and blown

All out of proportion until

They become vessels

Of brittle happiness.

The only mood I care

About is yours. Your cirrus

Mood that tips the blues

Of your eyes with

Mischief and cues

My heart’s stage manager

To silence the overture

And open your blouse.

Rex Wilder

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