Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Fam is in Saint Louis

Luna in our backyard

Our dearest Luna is now two and a half.
My sister is preparing for another tour overseas.
My mom is living life, lovin livin.
Winston found himself a family that shares the love.

Luna is at the point she wants to take the pictures, tired of being in them, I suppose. Here are a couple she took. Hands free, I just provided a safety net for my camera :)

Sis-and Luna's mamma

Our mamma-Luna's Ogma
Winston-Luna's miniature schnauzer
I wish I could put long videos here...I'll figure that one out so you can see the head of curly blond hair with a personality to rival many monarchs.

BIG KISS hug kiss BIG KISS little kiss


Liz said...

i absolutely love that top pic of luna!

Anonymous said...

i love the picture you took, too! as per older post... yes, very secret garden... love love.

but, really, i'm pretty impressed with luna's "eye for photography" as well. i love the one of your mom... nice perspective and balance in that photo!