Friday, June 3, 2011

Elin Jakobsdottir

Last November I shot the above photo of a model I knew only as Elin that I happened to be at the same gate with when leaving Paris for Iceland. Elin of Iceland.
To my astonishment, I never fully googled an Elin from Iceland, assuming she was just another model I've come across. Had I done my job properly I would have discovered (as I just recently did) that she is the same Elin Jakobsdottir of, a website from which I receive regular emails. It was on one of those random poking afternoons that I visited the old haunt and found her page.
I'm more freshly inspired. And must share.

Some of her forums are rather negative. That's too bad. I think she's radiant.
And I hope to one day spend more that just the fleeting few minutes I had with her.
Cheers Cosmos.

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Russian Chic said...

She's divine looking.