Tuesday, March 16, 2010

El beso de la fantasia

With the hope of my focus turning to things I love to do instead of things I work to do, I left this morning with a package under my arm. My dearest Genevieve sent me a present from her travels in South America, a book, oh she knows me too well. Dulce Equis Negra 5, a publication with a compilation of Spanish artists. I'm sure it was the photographer Luis Gonzalez Palma that endeared the book to her and then to me. Beautiful work. This image is especially striking.
It's in the likeness of Julia Margaret Cameron, one of the first photographers that inspired me to pursue photography. These are two of my favorite portraits of hers. The first of J.F.W Herschel and the other her niece Julia Jackson.

Well we shall see what tomorrow brings...

....here and there

back and forth

the weather doth windingly wear

a feather, i'm blown about

to and fro

here and go

the path doth windingly wear

a boot, i tread my sole

begin and end

above and below

life doth windingly wear

truth, a fleeting glimpse

now and then

black and white

time doth windingly wear

now, hold firm to last

grip the wheel, and wear two socks

remember there's warmth in layers

My talented friend Jason Flauaus
May he accomplish all the whimsical goals he pursues and find happiness in that.

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Anonymous said...

my blog is not nearly so whimsical or inspiring... but here it is!