Thursday, March 4, 2010


Me oh my, wondrous pie! I was directed to a fantastic blog, Oh hello friend, by my dear friend Liz and through that blog I came across Harmonie-Interieure! I am enchanted by the products they have to offer but I was particularly struck by the format in which they are presented. POLAROIDS! I LOVE the gradient painted schemes framed in polaroids...genius! I love the flourishes and whimsical feeling of all the StickKIDS section. Reminds me of another talented designer that I adore...Si Scott.

I am a website and blog bouncing addict. I am constantly finding myself 15 links hopscotched through a series of sites, wondering at the path that took me there. Stumble has nothing on me!
Hope you enjoy all these links! XO V

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Liz said...

thanks friend :) i find myself bouncing from blog to blog these days too and every time i do it and add a bookmark, i think of you. because you were always doing this in seattle. i love harmonie-interieure. thanks for sharing :)