Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The beginning

The thing that gets me over and over is the history of Europe. The locals talk in dates and events and every street has a deep rooted ancestry. It's truly amazing how young America is. Just yesterday, I compared the US to the angsty teenager, we think we know everything and we are so independent but we could learn a lot from our elders.
For starters and a little less controversial, impressive facades and doors. I can't get enough of the doors and statuary here. Everyday I'm walking around with my head swiveling. So much to take in.
The true beginning of my Europe photos is with The Brazen Head. The oldest pub in Ireland...established 1198!

This is the patio. Some happy customers, eh? The service was a bit wanting.
But we passed the time with Guinness and Guinness beef stew.
This amazing building below is across the street from the Louvre on Rue Rivoli...yes, we are getting close to Louvre photos...but look at how amazing this building is and right on a commercial street with residences and shops around...it is like that everywhere in Europe.

Okay, let the photo onslaught begin...

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