Friday, September 24, 2010


"Maybe it must take a flight across the ocean, hundreds of dollars, strenuous luggage and the absence of your language to wasn't too bad always have options.
Regrouping, I'm already looking for the next step. Maybe it's Ireland, maybe Scotland, maybe Slovakia, maybe England, maybe Antarctica, maybe Japan or maybe just maybe the United States. With options like those how does anyone every know?
Yesterday, I heard about an option called "WWOOFing". It's actually through the World Wide Organization for Organic Farming. There are farms that provide your room and board in exchange for manual labor on their organic farms. Total of 3 months....
...Ireland...redheads...redheads in Elite Chrome...redheads in Ireland in Elite amongst yourselves...".
I wrote this on a scrap on the metro a couple weeks ago, after spending a particularly interesting night with some particularly interesting Californians mixed with some particularly interesting Frenchies following a rough welcome to France. Last week I thought I'd settled that repetition of options in my mind...yet, I'm still stuck in the spin cycle. I've had a couple good meet and greets and a look at the abundance of models and fashion neighbors...but this community hasn't reeled me in yet. I can only hope that the words of David Harms will ring true this time...
"Vanessa makes everything bigger and bigger and she goes crazy but it all works out in the end and everyone has a great time."
Let's hope so...
...and I haven't forgotten I still owe Dave a fancy lunch in Italy.

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