Friday, September 10, 2010

Faces #3 Ye olde irish...

Skip skip skip to my lou...I apologize for flipping back and forth in my personal adventure chronology. I've tried to orchestrate this blog in a systematic manner but it's not my style and I just get backed up until it feels like a chore. Chore no more. I just put it up when it spurs me.
This gentleman was hanging outside the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin. He was quite the talker but we didn't catch much. Some raving about Hitler and communists. You know, the usual.
Love that face.


Anonymous said...

i've missed so much on your blog! suddenly you have gobs to say and show and i'm soooo excited for you! love this guy's furry face... but have to say i'm obsessed with your second photo of the eiffel tower... the closer-up b&w one... perfection. i also love your outside lourve pictures... it's amazing that it's a structure i've seen pictures of so many times and somehow you captured something new and special about it. i always love color but again i'm drawn to the juxtaposition of the two b&ws side by side. are you making lots of friends? put yourself out there/ force yourself on the locals. they will love you and you will have a much richer experience if you get IN their world... it's my biggest regret about spain. loooove you!

Heather said...

I love his eyes!

And of course, this wouldn't be your blog if it wasn't as artistically scattered as you are ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh he needs to trim the hair coming out of his collar! lmao!

Thank you for that! Love following your trip.