Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Playing catch up is never fun. The past week I was once again in Saint Louis, this time with my mom picking up Luna for her first time back home in Oklahoma since her mom went away in August. My sister, Samantha, is Luna's mommy. She has been in Afghanistan and we hope to see her home within the next couple weeks.
She is going to be floored at the brilliant little girl that was once her bright-eyed, Luna.
Today Luna and I played Go Fish and she actually beat me.
This is a shot of the first night back in her own bed.
That is her doll named Mommy hanging off the side.

And we had an impromptu 10 minute dress up session today.
I'll post a few more shots tomorrow.

I heard that a three year old asks "Why" an average of 400 times a day...
I think Luna is a curve factor in that statistic. She's averaging about 650.
We watched Pocahontas today and I think I answered 400 easy through that movie.
Yet it spurred one of my own. WHY isn't Pocahontas one of the Disney Princesses?
She should be. She has a more philanthropic stance than the others, focusing less on her own happiness and more on the world. Um, hello, she should be our little lady's role model.
And she's beautiful.

Ok, I'm exhausted and must get up for another fun filled day with Lulu.
Bonne nuit.

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