Thursday, March 3, 2011

Tree Bookcase

I've been toying with a tree design for a bookcase in Luna's room. She could then have her books and her stuffed animals on display with easy access. I really want to make her one of those kid teepees too to put next to it.
Here are some great tree inspired bookcases.

Shawn Soh Tree

Olivier Dolle Design

Jordi Mila design via Nesir Aleem

Casaidea via Design Milk

Domodinomica via theblogonthebookshelf

All of these images below are Carpanelli designs. Oh my word how I feel in love with them! They are like modern Art Nouveau pieces. The craftsmanship, the ingenuity, the elegance, I even love the artwork in the show images, the pheasants and the black and gold cityscape. Look at the amazing stage set for the tree inspired bookcase below, I could do with a little less floor showing but it is superb.



Heather O said...

Outstanding! I feel like I need a conversation piece like that in my apartment..

Liz said...

i love these! and having teepee next to one is such a cute idea. i just saw that green one in a martha stewart magazine and i was totally in love with it.