Friday, March 18, 2011

Lovely Chance

O lovely chance, what can I do
To give my gratefulness to you?
You rise between myself and me
With a wise persistency;
I would have broken body and soul,
But by your grace, still I am whole.
Many a thing you did to save me,
Many a holy gift you gave me,
Music and friends and happy love
More than my dearest dreaming of;
And now in this wide twilight hour
With earth and heaven a dark, blue flower,
In a humble mood I bless
Your wisdom--and your waywardness.
You brought me even here, where I
Live on a hill against the sky
And look on mountains and the sea
And a thin white moon in the pepper tree.
Sara Teasdale

Yesterday I took a V day in Norman, OK. I haven't had much time to even think with Luna my sole charge. It's been three weeks since I had a Luna-free day, not complaining, just stating that a V day was in order. I started the day early with an interview and took the rest of the time exploring the most wonderful place I've thus found in Oklahoma. Great galleries, good thrift finds, a whole food personal grocer (where I found the most adorable multi colored, sombrero shaped pasta) and a great little bookstore. At the bookstore, The Book Stall, I bought The Quintessence of Beauty and Romance as compiled by Marjorie Barrows from the poetry section. I had to purchase it because it contains five Sara Teasdale poems, my favorite poet, and I don’t have any of her poems in print. The book is full of great short stories, prose and poetry. Luna always asks, “Auntie V, are you happy?”

I’m happy.

I dedicate Lovely Chance to my dear friend Asha. The new mother to a beautiful daughter named Alana and the marvelous human being that first introduced me to Teasdale.

I hope many lovely chances continue your way.



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